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HLZ – Secondary school, Amsterdam

“For four years RobotWise has been providing challenging lesson programs at our school Hervormd Lyceum Zuid (HLZ). As a school we highly value future technologies and 21st Century Skills, like problem solving, creativity and collaboration. The programs designed by RobotWise fit in with this ambition perfectly. In addition, RobotWise helped us in developing our 3-year curriculum ‘Future Media’. During the implementation of this innovative program, the RobotWise co-teachers are present in our classes to support our students and teachers. Both are excited about our collaboration!”

Integrating a new subject 'Future Media'

International Teambuilding event

Tembo Group – Corporate, Kampen

“76 people of Tembo Group from different countries, collaborating together at the #RobotWise Robot Playground. Getting to know each other, programming and reflecting on their soft skills and hidden talents. It was great fun to see the different team dynamics and the smiles.”

Paus Joannes – Primary school, Rotterdam

“Many primary schools choose to provide more challenging programs, with the use of amazing technological tools for students that are (highly) gifted or benefit from some extra-curricular work. They will learn to program, work with robots and other new technologies, etc. However, we believe that all students would benefit from this opportunity, in order to discover their talents and develop their skills. All children, regardless of their background or learning capabilities, should receive the opportunity to develop their 21st Century Skills. The RobotWise lesson programs have been designed in such a way that every student can participate. Our students, as well as our team are very enthusiastic about the lesson program.”

Talent development for all kids

dash bouwen

International Leadership Experience of Rabobank

Rabobank – Corporate, Amsterdam

“Believe in adaptive capabilities; what I find so strong about this concept is the tangibility.
Everyone is always talking about the ‘Future of Work’, as if the robotization will start in five years. The term remains too vague. Tamar is able to make it small and tangible. You can start now and experience it yourself.

During our leadership program, we invited 800 international Rabobank leaders and influencers for a two-day event: Rabobank – DARE: The Leadership Experience. Our purpose was to inspire them and trying to get all leaders with their faces into the same direction. Tamar was hired as inspirational speaker and after an on-stage discussion with Jantine Vos (CHRO and Managing Board Member), Tamar and her team started their hands-on Robot Playground.”

Visma Connect – Corporate, The Hague

“In April we met with a group of colleagues at our office in The Hague. This day was all about gaining new insights but above all having fun! 🕹️
Thanks again RobotWise 🤖 for this fun and insightful day 🙏 Definitely a highly recommended experience.”

Teambuilding after 2 years of COVID