About us

About RobotWise

The idea behind RobotWise started with the desire to inspire the educational landscape and bring innovation into schools, for which Tamar Neter established the Eduwiser Foundation in 2016. When a year later the focus moved towards  ‘talent development with robots’, RobotWise was born. ‘Socializing through technology’ has been at the core of our production, ever since.

In 2019 RobotWise was awarded the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year, Amstelveen – category Startup’. In 2020 we had the honor to win the award of ‘Product of the Month, June’, from MKB Amsterdam. In 2021 we made it to the ‘Top 10 Most Innovative Dutch Companies’, according to the Dutch Innovation Monitor 2021.

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It is our dream that everyone, regardless of background or knowledge,
is able to participate from their own strength and conviction
in our rapidly changing society.


RobotWise contributes to personal development and gaining insight in talents.
Everyone in schools and organizations receives the opportunity to play and work with social robots. By using robots as a tool, we stimulate collaboration
and connect technical and soft skills.

Our core values


Through play and humor,
energizing people in their motivation.



From introspection to the discovery of your own talent, towards more effective collaboration.


Creating the ability to deal with change
through solution-oriented thinking and an open mindset.

Social Skills

Creating a sociable environment,
focusing on communication and ownership.


We differentiate ourselves,
by revealing authentic behavior in a playful manner.

Our management team

Tamar Neter is the founder and CEO of RobotWise, which she passionately founded in 2017. The media called her ‘robotmom’, but she is as well a proud mother of two ‘human’ kids. The ‘Financieel Dagblad’ (Dutch Financial newspaper) describes her as ‘Technical novice becomes rising star amongst tech-women’. Curious about Tamar and her RobotWise adventure? Listen to the podcast of the interview at the Dutch Radio station ‘BNR’. Read more about her on the webpage ‘inspirational speaker’.

Nadia Aithamou, Head of Learning & Development and responsible for the development of all programs, trainings and lessons. She has been with RobotWise since 2017, working in different roles, from co-teacher and trainer, to developing full gamified programs for schools and organizations with her L&D team.

Annemieke Pieterse, Head of Finance & Operations and responsible for all operational matters, planning, HR and finance. She has been with RobotWise since 2020. She is the main point of contact for all employees, as our team is rapidly growing.

MT teamfoto RobotWise

Our team

Currently we have a team of eight employees working in the office. In addition we work with twenty experts trained in our didactic approach, working on location. Our core values are at the centre of both our team and our products.

As RobotWise is a growing organization, we are always open to meet enthusiastic people with an interest in talent development. Have a look at our vacancies.

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