Talent development with robots

Talent development with social robots

Interactive, gamified lesson and training programs with social robots as a tool

Increasing equal opportunities in the labor market through gamified learning and programming social robots.
In a playful manner we provide an immersive experience, connecting technical and soft skills, allowing people to discover their hidden talents and abilities.

Game method for talent and leadership development

Wanna play our short ‘experience game’?! Watch the video or start playing straight away. Choose the game ‘Play WITH a physical robot’ at our booth or choose the game ‘Play WITHOUT a physical robot’ at home.

  • Copy your player code before clicking the green button
  • Start a (new) game
  • Choose Player
  • Paste your player code
  • Choose a name for your team (any name)
  • Start the game
Copy your player code: 4A3ABF
Copy your player code: C41F51

Make an appointment during BETT2024

We are @BETT on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th of January.
You can visit our booth at the floor Global Showcase at NB 30, this is at the NL Lounge.
Or you can also make an appointment for Tuesday 23rd , Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th of January at any other location at BETT by sending an email tamar@robotwise.nl or call/ what’s app +31650929295.

To be sure of a meeting, you can make an appointment up front!

Come and meet us for:

  • seeing RobotWise and yourself in action;
  • ‘hands on’ experience programming actual robots;
  • an immersive experience connecting your technical and social skills;
  • gamified learning with actual robots.

Make an appointment up front to be sure to meet Tamar Neter (CEO/Founder). Robotwise is interested in:

  • SME+, Corporates and government agencies
  • Schools and school boards;
  • Meeting investors and press;
  • EdTech/ LMS-partners;
  • Gamified learning providers;
  • Partnerships focused on gamification;
  • Persons who are involved in training acquiring with digital and/or softs skills;
  • Online publishers; partnerships helping with the distribution in our lesson and training programs online.

We also seek investors to join us in completing our goal to increase equal opportunities in the labor market, our award-winning proposition.

Download our brochure .

People Centric Solutions at the core of our production 

With our unique lesson and co-teacher programs for schools we prepare young people for a rapidly digitizing society. We help them to develop their 21st Century Skills and to discover their talents. In organizations we support professionals and their teams to increase both their operational effectiveness and their quality of work environment. By providing teambuilding, professional and personal development programs, we seek to define and reduce the risk factors that negatively impact health and performance.  

Foto Team Dash

Discover (hidden) skills and talents with social robots

Robotics and programming play an increasingly important role in society. This calls for a stronger collaboration between people and technology. Robots can be used as a tool in exploring your still undiscovered skills and talents, allowing you to apply them more efficiently.

team Lego


RobotWise develops and provides unique programs for professional and personal development through interactive workshops, trainings and lectures, using social robots as a tool. Our range of activities can be connected to different themes such as teambuilding, digitalization, onboarding, change management, talent development, (personal) leadership and/or inspirational sessions.

» Team development – Modular program
» Teambuilding

dash bouwen


RobotWise develops and provides unique interactive lesson and training programs with social educational robots as a tool, for all school types and levels. We provide the lessons through online games, with a ‘train-the-trainer’ option. The gamified programs stimulate curiosity and inquiry-based learning. Students and teachers gain an insight in talents and 21st Century Skills, through collaboration and reflection.

» Lesson programs
» Subsidies and grants

BorrooWise afbeelding

Youth Care (in dev.)

RobotWise develops and provides unique innovative interventions to integrate in existing therapies. These promote the development of social, emotive and cognitive skills, as well as supporting communication and collaboration between client and counselor. Through a range of diverse applications, youth care professionals are able to pick and choose a suitable activity that supports the therapy and skill development.

» Training youth care professionals
» Hybrid training programs

Entrepreneur of the Year – Start-up Amstelveen, Winner

Product of the Month – SMEs, Winner

Entrepreneur of the Year – North Holland, Top 10

CES – The most influential Tech Event in the world,
Selected by the Central Government

bid award

Most innovative company of The Netherlands – BID awards, Top 10

International Visitor Leadership Program – US Department of States,
Dutch representative STEAM

Learn more about RobotWise

To learn more about our services and gamified programs, please visit our Dutch website www.robotwise.nl.
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